Rochester Pride is HERE! And to celebrate we’re having another loud and proud eve at the Bachelor Forum full of video games and cheap drink deals. All under one inclusive roof for all members of the rainbow and beyond...and two fabulous and fishy foes facing off as cohosts.

ROUND ONE: Dress in your best rainbow attire! Partake in our multiple systems around the bar! Save on some of the best drink specials in town! Enjoy a colorful and safe space full of pride vibes! Choose your fighter and get an up-close encounter with our guest gals for the evening: Wednesday Westwood and Kyla Minx!

ROUND TWO: Starting 9PM it's half-price off ALL beverages all night long, including shots and doubles. We'll also have free pizza and snacks (it's okay, carbs don’t count during Pride) and a brand-new Smirnoff-themed cocktail menu.

FINISH HER: We will have several systems around the bar, including Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 64, PlayStation 3, and Nintendo WiiU. Super Smash Bros., Pokken Tournament, Mario Kart, GoldenEye, Pokémon Stadium, Marvel VS. Capcom, Mario Party, and so many more games to choose from!

Roc Pride 2019 is here; let's make this Gayme Nite one big rainbow explosion full of pride, nerdiness, and unabashed love in the summer heat. See y'all there! Choose your foes wisely. 🏳️‍🌈

Free to attend | 21+