• Bachelor Forum (map)
  • 670 University Avenue
  • Rochester, NY 14607

Smash Bros Ultimate is nearly here and it's time to level up! Mario Party with us December 11th as we host a Super Smash Fest all night long!

Our night will commence as usual with bartender Brian fixing our famous 50% special on ALL beverages all night, including shots and doubles! We'll have free pizza, snacks, plenty of good tunes, and game systems galore for play including Mario Kart 8 and Super Mario Party! We have additional systems and games available on request – seriously just ask.

While this event will be geared for casual 8 player Smash environment, anyone who wants to bring an additional set up is welcome for more competitive play.

It’s been a long year but we Gaymers know how to party, so let’s kick December off with a Smash