• Bachelor Forum (map)
  • 670 University Ave
  • Rochester, NY 14607
  • USA

California’s had it rough these past couple weeks, culminating in wildfires raging across the state. The Camp Fire to the north has now become the deadliest (42 lives lost) and third most destructive fire in the state’s history. The southern Woolsey Fire in Malibu has reached the ocean and incinerated 90,000 acres; nearly four times the square mileage of Rochester, and not far from the site of the Thousand Oaks shooting last week. Generations, communities, and ecosystems have been impacted by these events. This has inspired us to throw a Gayme Nite fundraiser in support of those affected by the fires.

All night we’ll be accepting cash donations for the California Community Foundation’s Wildfire Relief Fund, to be collected in buckets around the bar. Half of Bartender Brian’s cash tips for the evening will also be donated to the cause. This relief fund focuses on wildfire recovery efforts for those displaced or homeless, lost belongings and/or employment, are suffering physical or mental health problems, and in need of follow-up medical care and supplies. They’ll also provide education on green rebuilding strategies and disaster preparedness.

Our night will commence as usual with 50% off all drinks all night long (including doubles and shots, all you holiday homecoming students!), free pizza and snacks, plenty of good tunes, and game systems galore for play including Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros., and Super Mario Party! We can have systems and games available on request.

Our world right now is full of challenges and changes; the last thing we should be doing is causing divide and further upset. Let’s set an example by giving back, spreading positivity, and helping those in need. ❤️